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Live stream studio management for workshops, virtual classes and private lessons.

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Integration with Zoom conveniently lets you create a new event or class with zoom links automatically applied.


Post all your live streaming classes in one place, up to 100 classes a day. Making it easy for customers to see your schedule.


Know who is coming to class! Students can book classes right from their phone and you get notified that they are coming.


Grow your business! Charge clients a monthly subscription for all your classes or charge a drop in fee for a single class.  

THE Mission

We make it easy to schedule your classes and accelerate your business with live streaming.

With Bookabl we can continue to have our summer workshops and virtual classes. We're gonna have a blast and stream it world wide. Our online classes have went from free to a new steam of revenue.

Michele Jones
BOOKABL customer
Executive director, wheelchair dancers organization
Simple & Powerful

Live Stream your classes with Zoom

Zoom is integrated with  Bookabl Live Studio Manager. All events get a zoom link automatically inserted making it very easy for you and your students.

Virtual Conferences
Registration & payments built in. Partner with other studios to host larger events.
Summer Workshops
Make more revenue than before! Live stream workshops world wide, then offer a subscription to access video-on- demand content after the event.
Group Classes
Host group classes just as you did before with Zoom. Your schedule is always visible to your students and you know who booked your classes.
Offer private sessions for your customers. Post your schedule and set the class size to one or two. (coming soon)
Simple & Powerful

Keep your studio or class schedule in one spot.

Get the tools you need to rock the house and continue to get paid. Leave the tech to us and you focus on making great classes.

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