Bookabl is a flexible platform for
Live, Virtual or Video On-Demand Classes and Events.

Simple & Powerful

Events, classes, and appointments shouldn't be soo complicated


Get the tools you need to keep the revenue flowing. Offer live events and classes virtually,
in-person or on-demand. Our all-in-one App manages bookings, check-ins, and payments. We take care of the billing, reporting and tech stuff. While you can focus on making great experiences for your customers!

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Experience a smarter way to display your virtual, live event schedule.

Attendees will see your event schedule on your own branded Bookabl site or embedded into your existing website.


We make it easy to post your event schedule. One place for customers to rsvp, book, and check-in.

• Imagine having one single location for your schedule.
• No more confusion, random links and bad customer experiences.
• Posting your schedule is as easy as filling out a form.
• Just one location for everything: Events, classes, fundraisers & more!

The schedule is a lifesaver. Makes it soo easy for our customers to find up-coming virtual and live events.
BOOKABL customer
Executive director, wheelchair dancers organization

Collect payments for classes, events and fundraisers.

This is the best part of Bookabl, keep the revenue flowing with multiple payment options:  Optional Donations, Drop-Ins, One Time Fee, No-fees, or Subscriptions.* You control how each event is monetized.


Payments (via stripe) is conveniently integrated with Bookabl. Charge a fee or collect donations all before the event starts.

• We don't dip in your pockets or charge extra fees.
• Use your current Stripe account or create one.
• Keep the revenue flowing with payments.

Payments allow us to offer free, paid or donation based events. We love the flexibility, bookabl was critical to the success of our annual fundraiser.
BOOKABL customer

Have a beautiful, virtual event site up and running quickly with one of our templates.

We'll take care of the design and tech stuff so you can
focus on having a successful event!  


Get up and running fast with a beautiful theme. Every thing you need to get started.

• Attractive location for all your event stuff.
• No more confusion or sending class links via email.
• Flag events as featured, so they get maximum exposure.

Just add our own images and you will be up and running quickly. Link all our marketing material to your site now and have a beautiful consistent place for all your events, shows, classes or fundraisers.

Get the insights you need to host events and classes.

Dashboards and analytics make it easy to understand the data about your events, you won't believe how you lived without them.

Dashboards & Analytics

Get the insights you need with Dashboards. Analyze data and identify trends for your events.

• Get valuable insights to help you analyze your audience.
• Learn about your events and see what works and what doesn't.
• Our pre-built dashboards make it easy to understand data.

The dashboard makes it easy to analyze our classes and understand the best day and time to host events.
BOOKABL customer

Conveniently connect with zoom and leave the meeting IDs to us.

Connecting with zoom allows you to keep the meeting ID private, which keeps you in control and lessens the risk of rogue attendees.


Zoom is conveniently integrated with Bookabl. Just select "zoom event" and the necessary link is auto-created.

This solves all the frustration around sending out links to paid customers, Bookabl does that for you.

Zoom is effortless. Once I connected my account we didn't have to do anything else. I can collect payments before the zoom link becomes available.
BOOKABL customer

Showcase talent, staff, performers, speakers or instructors.

Bring attention to those that make your business a success. Talent profiles are customizable, provide social media links and a full bio.


Talent Profiles provide a space to showcase people.

Select and highlight any of your upcoming events or highlight one of your superstar instructors or talent!

For my events I am able to showcase up and coming fresh faces in women's basketball. These profiles provide a bio, links to social media and can be shared.
kameo williams
Wuba coach & founder of gems in the gym talent showcases
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